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John Best Laircast

John Best loves investigative journalism – the former news director for CHCH and current Editor of The Bay Observer likes the “old school” methodical hunt for the truth. And that is exactly what he is doing with the Waterfront Trust – patiently trying to uncover what exactly is behind their large operating deficits. Is there […]

Jasper Kujavsky Laircast

Few people start off an interview listing their public failures but that is what makes lawyer and community builder Jasper Kujavsky so interesting.  He has tried and failed on projects from NHL bids to Music Hall of Fames  and wants to share what he has learned. Sports fanatic. Political watcher.  Impressionist.  An informative laircast with […]

George Ross Laircast

I didn’t expect to be so impressed by George Ross inspite of his amazing credentials. Long before he became Donald Trump’s right hand and a star of the early seasons of TV’s The Apprentice, George was a wildly successful real estate lawyer making deals for clients on properties like the Chrysler Building. A tour of […]

Fred Eisenberger Laircast

  Having Mayors in the Lair is becoming a good habit – and Mayor Fred Eisenberger does not disappoint. He is candid, at times angry at his former colleagues on Council and the Tiger Cats, still argues his positions with passion and is remarkably sage in his assessment of Hamilton’s challenges. Perhaps this Laircast will […]

Vitek Wincza Laircast

  Vitek Wincza epitomizes what it is to be a true artist. His passion for dance courses through his veins – it flows into every conversation I have ever had with him and this chat is no exception. The fact that he defected from communism and built a life on dance with the Hamilton Conservatory […]

Graham Crawford Laircast

  As the first guest to be asked back into the Lair for more, Graham Crawford’s critical analysis of the state of Hamilton is as clever, informative and as eviscerating as ever. Graham Crawford is an enigma. He was very successful in business and remains influential as a leader on prominent boards. But Graham is […]

Susan Clairmont Laircast

You would not think this attractive, petite mom is a career crime reporter but Susan Clairmont is full of surprises – including winning Best Columnist in Canada recently. When you listen to Susan you start to understand how someone so light-hearted can survive delving into hearts of darkness every day. Her unusual approach to her […]

Shawn Maher Laircast

From poor kid, to international hairband rock star in Sven Gali, to award-winning video producer, to investment guru / bassist for punk band Forgotten Rebels – Shawn Maher has lived an interesting life by any standard. I met him when he asked me to help with a charity fundraiser featuring his buddy George Ross from […]

Boris Brott Laircast

It’s not every day you get to chat with a prodigy. Boris Brott isn’t just a world renown Maestro, he was on stage of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra at the age of 5 and started his own Philharmonic by 15… and then he gets really productive. This is the 25th Anniversary of his self-titled music […]

Tom Cooper Laircast

        This Laircast got unexpectedly heated when Tom Cooper, Exec Dir of Hamilton Poverty Round Table’s guest Deirdre Pike, an activist, made a comment that I took to be offensive to myself and other guests in the Lair. We had been talking about the inequality in our society and the gulf between […]