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Justin Jones Laircast

Justin Jones is a recent import from Toronto, and some would say he is here to peddle his ideas about cycling as the spokesperson for Yes We Cannon. Justin is informed, passionate and wowed council at a recent presentation. It’s people like him who change cities one street at a time. And I’ve never seen […]

Dave Hanley Laircast

Dave is a one-man promotional machine (a quality I deeply admire) and a foodie to boot. Since his arrival he has been revolutionizing dining in Hamilton with Food Crawls and Pop Up Dining – a very interesting and friendly guy! Share this Laircast!

Keenan Loomis Laircast

When I heard someone I didn’t know got the job as CEO of the Chamber of Commerce I was curious to meet him. And after a coffee this summer I knew something unique was about to be unleashed on Hamilton. And he was – within months GQ-esque Keanan graced magazines and newspapers – infusing style […]

Michael Pett & Christophe Benfy Laircast

One of our most explosive Laircasts starts with a chat about a cool video, and morphs into a fight about how ambition to change a city’s politics isn’t enough to topple an entrenched council of professional politicians. Oh, and about the video that started it all… It’s rare for a corporate video to electrify an […]

Alex Sevigny Laircast

It’s not everyday history is made on a a podcast – but when Councillor Brian McHattie formally announced he is running for Mayor on our show last week he did just that – citing our social media power as a reason for the choice. Even cooler was to have communication expert Dr. Sevigny in the […]

Brian McHattie Laircast

Last night Councillor Brian McHattie surprised the host and audience during a taping of the podcast “The Laircast” by announcing to Laura Babcock that he will be running for mayor of Hamilton. He explained part of his decision to announce on the show was the social media strength of the Laircast. The host and audience […]

Tom Wilson Laircast

From the beginning our producer has wanted legendary Canadian rocker Tom Wilson in the Lair. He’s an icon, an original – in a word – cool. From Junkhouse to award-winning Blackie and the Rodeo Kings with solo projects in between, Tom is known globally for his recording career. But music is just one way he […]

Terry Cooke Laircast

Terry Cooke is a very interesting person. A successful politician who gave up power for principle (amalgamating regional government into single tier while he was regional chair), business man who decided to put his impressive intellect to work helping Hamilton as CEO of the Community Foundation, avid runner and dedicated family man. He is also […]

Mark Chamberlain Laircast

For the past year many listeners have suggested that I have Mark Chamberlain as a guest in the Lair because of his high-level thinking. His insistence on vision and leadership no doubt contributed to his success at Westcam, Trivaris and everything else this entrepreneur is involved with. But his focus on governance seems to be […]

Alex Sevigny Returns to the Laircast

This chat is not so much an interview of our returning political comm expert Dr. Sevigny as it is a free-for-all debate on Trudeaumania Part Deux – and whatever else our live audience decides to get into. Interesting.